In these workshops, our various resident artists will teach the skills and creative techniques in painting and drawing. The uniqueness of these workshops lies in the activities that are designed to use the creative process of art as a means of exploration and self-discovery.


So come join a group of like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, there is no need for good drawing skills or any knowledge of art. Everyone can do it! You can learn to paint on scarf, neck ties, polo tee shirts, hats and even tote bags. The artist will be close at hand to correct your strokes and accidental mistakes. So bring along your favorite something and we can have fun transforming them into master pieces to bring home to impress our loved ones.


Due to an overwhelming response to our recent free workshops, we have lined up weekly art workshops to be conducted by each artist. You can choose from learning chinese ink or acrylic/mixed medium. Each course consists of 8 sessions each.


Location: 278 River Valley Road S238319


Fees: Chinese Ink is S$380 for 8 sessions, and Acrylic/Mixed Medium is S$480 for 8 sessions and fees include supplies of materials such as acrylics, canvas and paint brushes”.


The workshop will commence when there are a minimum of 8 persons registering. You will be guided to acquire your own set of art supplies.

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