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Gallery 278

“If we won’t consider any furniture suitable for our home, we won’t have it in our showroom”.


“Furniture is a part of us” says Felicia Koh, Design Director of Gallery 278. It is a lifelong love affair with wood, and she’s built her life’s work around it. Aged teakwood with unique wood grains, matching fabrics and accessories of different textures and colours are the myriad design elements Felicia and her team are so obsessed in creating furniture ambiance characteristic of your individual tastes and lifestyle.


Browse through our web gallery and you’ll find much teakwood furniture of various shades that can withstand any humid change. Or discover recycled timber from old kudus houses in Indonesia. Blend old and new styles, whimsical and classic. The possibilities seem endless. If you can’t find something in particular, we can always have it custom-made. Our artisan shop will be happy to help re-create furniture from teakwood.


Our Wood

All teak wood is virtually maintenance free, it contains a diphosphate that preserves the wood beautifully and makes it naturally immune to fungus and termite attacks.


Reclaimed teak has many more advantages; it is more stable then newly logged wood. Years of undergoing a standard level of dryness and humidity have made them stronger, more stable and much more durable to changes in weather and temperature. Because of its age, which can range from 80 to up to 200 years old, the grains and rich patina in old teak is unsurpassable. Most importantly, recycling teak greatly helps prevent the decimation of our natural forests, so enjoy our teak wood furnishings with a clear conscience.


Felicia Koh’s love affair with wood, in particular teakwood, has seen her build her life’s work around it. Aged teakwood has a special appeal; it inherits rich patina, with beautiful textures and multi-layered grains, as well as strength. As furniture, it almost seems to retain the living, breathing quality of its previous form and provides that comforting link with nature.



Our background in trading antiques has given us a good appreciation of time-honored methods of furniture construction. Mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, shellac and wax finishes are all time-tested techniques that we use. These methods are found only in antiques and practiced by good furniture makers.


In-House Design

The uniqueness of Gallery278’s products comes from our very own concepts and original designs.


Inspired by the Asia’s rich history, Gallery278 creates items that are unique. The philosophy underlying the company is to work with you to ensure your home is filled with your own Asian treasures to last a lifetime.


Some of our tables, for example, are one-of-a-kind pieces made from old carved doors sourced in central Java where Gallery 278’s factory is located. Many of our customers really like the fact that their furniture is a one-off, made from a piece of architectural history.


Custom Building

Services rendered under this category include loose furniture custom designed to suit your lifestyle. Working hand and hand with our factory in Indonesia allows us to custom build pieces especially for you. So if your heart is set on a particular design or concept, why not try working with our in-house designers to see your dream become a reality.


Step-by-step guide to our custom-built process:


Stage 1: Discuss

Tell us your needs!

Preliminary discussion with our designers to establish an understanding of your preferred style – spectacular or subtle, contemporary or rustic – and requirements.


Stage 2: Design

We’ll give you an idea or two

Presentation of detailed drawings (elevations and perspectives) and price quotations for your approval. Your sign-off is required before we move to Stage 3.


Stage 3: Deliver

Time to turn ideas into reality!

Following the approval of Stage 2 and necessary payment, your custom built piece will be delivered to your home within 10-16 weeks. While you wait, a loaner piece can be sent to your home at no extra charge.